lThe Core Value Proposition of Thin Film Technology
  • ®The latest path-breaking Thin Film technology has reduced the cost by over 50% compared to PV Cells. We can now produce Panels for less than US$ 1.00 per watt as compared to US$ 4.00 for PV Cells
  • ®This makes Solar Energy an extremely attractive commercial proposition today.
  • ®Solar Energy is versatile and has great mobility in deployment as a stand alone solution for homes, streets, factories hospitals, schools and just about anywhere.

The Thin-Film PV Core Value Proposition

  • Compared to Grid-tied Thermal Power Plants cost of US$1 Million per MW and Solar Power Plants can now be produced for under US$ 3 Million per MW against US$ 6.5 Million per MW of PV panels. The projected productive life span of each panel is a minimum of twenty-five years. Each panel is 2’ x 4' and produces 42 watts of electricity.
  • We have partnered the world’s leading Thin Film Equipment Supplier and have access to two Thin Film technologies, a-Si (Amorphous Silicon) and in the future CIGS (Copper- Indium- Gallium-Selenium)   
  • Our Partner provides a complete line of equipment for the manufacture of thin-film photovoltaic modules and together with our technology partners we offer "turnkey" manufacturing solutions.
Solar Panel Applications
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